In the novel "The Basketball Diaries" and the film "Female Trouble" compare how they are both similar and write about it.

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The novel Basketball Diaries, and the film Female Troubles, shows how the parent were absent from the kid's life and how that affect the child youth.

In the book The Basketball Diaries, Jim live with his parent but his parent were working most of the times and therefore didn't have time for him. He was hanging with the wrong crowd and started getting into troubles in school and skipping school to get high. He mistaken heroin for marijuana and injected his vein with it thinking heroin will not get him addicted, just marijuana. His addiction increases, and Jim, started selling his body to gay men, calling it "perversion for profit". If his parent would have been active in his life, they would have notice how badly he needed help. Jim could manipulate his mom so easily that when he gets busted, he could talk his way out of it and that would be the end of it.

If his parent really cared about him, they should have try getting involve in his life, finding out what he likes, and spending time together with him.

Also, The Female Troubles show how having absent parent could affect a child life. Taffy Davenport never new her father and her mother were too busy to pay attention to her. Dawn never treated Taffy like a daughter; she treated her more like a dog. Dawn is always yelling at her daughter and leaving her alone in the house to starve. Dawn Davenport wanted to be a model and be famous so bad that she killed her daughter because she was in her way. Taffy Davenport finally had enough of the abuse that she told her mother that she was going to run away to live with the Hare Krishna.

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