Novel: Of Mice and Men Author: John Steinbeck Essay Title: "Power and the absence of power colours the relationships Of Mice and Men and steers the course of its events" Discuss.

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The different relationships that are scattered through Of Mice and Men contain many instances of some characters having power over others. Examples of power throughout the novel include physical, mental, sexual, economic and racial. These are evident through the way in which the character relate to one another and the events that occur. The power and absence of power portrayed in the novel also serve to steer the course of its events.

Most of the characters in Mice and Men exhibit some sort of power over others in the novel. Lennie, being the biggest man on the ranch, had physical power over the other workers because of his incredible strength. This created a problem for the mentally disabled giant as Curley, the boss' son, felt threatened by his inequality, causing him to lash out at the unsuspecting Lennie. However, Curley only received a counter-punch at George's instruction of 'Get 'im, Lennie.'

(pg 58) This reveals the level of mental power that George had over Lennie.

George's brains made up for Lennie's lack thereof and although he was the 'thinker' of the pair, George's role resembled that of a parental figure. 'You don't need to be scairt no more. You done jus' what I tol' you to' (pg 60). George's soothing reassurance, in turn, assures readers that he did not take advantage of Lennie's mental inequality, rather was mindful of his own power and used it to help Lennie as best he could. George wasn't incredibly bright but he seemed 'damn smart alongside of [Lennie]' (pg 39). As one would imagine, this might cause a person's ego to inflate, however George did not regard Lennie as inferior. Granted, this inequality between the pair would often cause frustration on George's part, but he was quick to take back his words and...