Novel: Of Mice and Men; "Was George justified when he killed Lenny?"

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Of Mice and Men

In the book Of Mice and Men, there are two main characters. George and Lennie, they at first seem like close friends and through the book, they really are friends. From what George does, he doesn't want Lennie's money or anything else. At the end of the book, George only had one option. George did the right thing.

When we first meet George and Lennie, they were running away from Weed, CA for something that Lenny did. A few pages later, Lennie is found with a dead mouse. Towards the end of the book George crushes Curly's hand, kills a dog, and kills Curly's wife. This immediately tells us that Lennie can't control his strength. To me, this was a sign that Lennie wouldn't last very long. Throughout the book, George isn't the greatest friend to Lennie; he never tries to help him but yells at him.

If George would have sat down with Lennie and taught him right from wrong, George wouldn't have done what he did and everything would be going just great. Another bad thing about Lennie is that if something bad happens, he tries to hide it, just like kids, if something bad happens they will avoid telling anyone about it. If Lennie told George what had happened, there would probably be a different outcome than what happened.

Many things show that George was the best of friends to Lennie. George did everything that he could to help Lennie; the only problem was that Lennie was a retarded Psycho. Lennie shouldn't have been allowed to work or be around other people without close supervision. George supervised him as much as possible but it just wasn't enough. If George didn't help out Lenny, he wouldn't have had the opportunity...