Novelty Never Lasts

Essay by EliHigh School, 12th grade October 1996

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One thing I have recently begun to learn in life is that the novelty of anything, given a little bit of time, no matter how fascinating or unusual it was at first, usually wears off quicker than one would prefer. I have found this to apply to nearly everything I have experienced in my life, and a frightening term comes to mind. 'jaded.' At least it should be frightening to a mere seventeen year old, with so much left to do in life. I am more than confident that this is just a passing phase, but nonetheless I have discovered how quickly the novelty of certain things can wear off from the experience I have had in the jobs I have held and from the repeated action of doing anything that I find enjoyable on a regular basis.

Through the jobs I have held both at a local pizza restaurant and movie theater, I have found that any novelty that pizza and movies once had is no longer there.

I can easily remember back before my first job at the pizzeria when I savored the opportunity to eat pizza as often as I could. Now, thanks to the fact that I ate pizza almost every time I worked during that year, pizza just doesn't taste that good anymore. Whenever my family orders a pizza for dinner, I really don't look forward to it as much as I used to. Instead, I just shrug it off, 'Pizza, big deal, what else do we have to eat?' This same loss of appreciation has happened with my second job as well. I have been working at Sony Theater's Palace Nine for about four months now, and I can easily say that I don't really enjoy an outing to the movies as much...