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Novo Nordisk A/S

Novo Nordisk A/S is a pharmaceutical company, created in 1989 by a merger

between Novo Industry A/S and Nordisk Gentofle A/S, specialized in the

medications for diabetes, like insulin.

"The Novo Nordisk Foundation is a non-profit institution, whose formal purpose

is to provide a stable basis for its company's operations and to make

contributions to scientific, humanitarian and social progress."

( Description from the web site)

As mentioned above Novo Nordisk is specialized in diabetes care, and for this reason

became the world leader in the diabetes care field.

This company has the most innovative ( that's what the Novo Nordisk claims) diabetes

cure products. For this reason the company is also a leader in areas such as

haemostasis management, growth hormone therapy and hormone replacement


Since it is a pharmaceutical company innovation is a fundamental, essential.

Improvement in the most important and continuous step in the company, to insure

the company leadership and to keep providing the latest medical care to its patients.

To provide the company correct function, Novo Nordisk have some policies to ensure its employees :

"In Novo Nordisk we will provide attractive, engaging and effective workplaces for our

people throughout the world.

This means that we:

create a diverse and inclusive workplace providing equal opportunities for all

are committed to the ongoing development of our people

develop leaders who will drive the engagement and performance of our people

ensure effective and efficient work processes by applying global standards

offer market competitive remuneration and employment conditions

offer a workplace that supports a healthy lifestyle

comply with legislation, relevant requirements and the UN Global Compact."

( one of the thirteen key points policies, from the Novov Nordisk website)

From what we can read the company have high expectations, because the patients

have high expectation, so the company pretend the best from it's employees.

Public relationships and affairs are also an important to improve the services, the

quality, the communication. Also to inform people about them, and about diabetes

and about the services that they offer. But most importantly they want to be as

crystal clear as possible, without hiding anything, both about their business and about

their research development.

So in my opinion the company, in the area such as the corporate social responsibility,

is aware of its position and its responsibility, not only towards their patients but also

towards their sponsors, patrons, their own employees and also the people


Plus doing everything in a legal way helps also the company image as a well trusted


"The Novo Nordisk Way sets direction for and applies to all employees in Novo Nordisk. It is a promise we make to each other - and to our stakeholders outside the company. Each and every employee is responsible for acting in accordance with the Novo Nordisk Way - and to help each other understand what it means in practice." (Cit.)

Novo Nordisk is a Global Company with diabetic patients all over the world, so it offers the same portfolio of products, without any "social class distinction". Because when it comes to diabetes everybody is the same.

In this way everyone, no matter where they live in the world, get the same treat no matter. But every country have its own culture and labor standards which can be quite difficult to construct and conduct an appropriate business.

Novo Nordisk action point is to understand and respect each culture and labor

Standards, in this way it can satisfy the country need for medical care.

But we don't have to forget that each country have also its own corruption, which is

the most difficult part to handle.

On the other hand. Like many other companies Novo Nordisk tend to operate oversea

in developing countries, such as India or Brazil; building research facilities or

conducting clinical trials in those countries.

"Doing business globally entails many challenges, particularly when working in diverse

cultures where the understanding of what constitutes appropriate business conduct

can vary widely. Moreover, making the right choices becomes more complex - and

more important - with the pressures of a competitive business environment"

(citation from Novo Nordisk website)

As company with the purpose of taking care of peoples health, Novo Nordisk

approach to business ethics is divided of three elements:

Setting direction

2. Training the organization

3. Monitoring and following up through audits

( novo nordisk website)

By following these 3 fundamental steps Novo Nordisk have manage to succeed in

doing business in the development countries, but also( really important) overcome

corruption. For example between an European country, like Italy, and an Asian

country, like Thailand the only thing in common that we can have is the same

treatment and same Protocol. But their underlying cultures are different, so are their

way of thinking and their view of life too. Also we have different concept of labor

standards, different issues but same corruption.But their medical needs are the same.

The medical ethics, concerns about the individual patients (following the Hippocratic

oath ), the scientifically ethics, concerns for the validity of the results and the method

used to study the confirm the results and the business ethics are concern about the

company's cost and profit.

"Business ethics

In Novo Nordisk, we will act with integrity in our efforts to deliver competitive results.

This means that we will:

apply consistently high business ethics standards across the value chain

address day-to-day dilemmas guided by the Novo Nordisk Way

be transparent about our business decisions and practices

hold ourselves accountable for acting with integrity and in compliance with all laws, regulations and the UN Global Compact."

( ethics business description, one of the 13 key point )

While the medical and the scientifically ethics are "on the same level", the might have

some minor conflicts. But the business and the medical and scientifically ethics can

have conflicts between them ( business o a side and medical and scientifically on the

other). The business one, which looks after the company costs and profit, will be very

aware about the costs of sponsoring trials, or new investment in new drugs( so

investment in new laboratories, new equipment, new researchers etc.). It's like the

reasoning part of the company; while on the other hand we have the scientific side

which, with its hunger for knowledge and need to improve its technology and services

to ensure a better cure for its patients. ( like the " emotional part of the company")

Since it's a company that cares for people, profit shouldn't be too much important

'because, in my opinion, the profits should be used to improve the company and what

it serve; helping people live a normal life for them and the people around them.

A perfect example about the clinical trials oversea in developing countries can be

India, the developing country par excellence, many sponsored Novo Nordisk clinical

trials have taken place in India. Beside the fact that because of the foreign exchange

the clinical trials are cheaper in India than back in Denmark; the main reason why

Novo Nordisk test this trials on developing countries is because these countries are

the potential future patients and customers of Novo Nordisk portfolio products.

"We conduct our trials globally because we need to test our products in the

populations where the products are going to be marketed. Often the countries'

regulatory authorities require us to do this. The limited numbers of patients who are

willing and suitable for being involved in clinical trials and our increasing need to carry

out clinical trials also require us to expand our global recruitment base. Physicians in

developing countries also wish to be part of our trials because they want to be

involved in the front line of research."

(Interview with Anders Dejgaard, Novo Nordisk Chief Medical Officer)

So from a both business and ethical point of view, developing countries are the

perfect places where to have this trials for convenience, future profits and public

relationships oversea.

My recommendation is to not underestimate the people of a country and always

respect even the single person integrity and principles and to communicate every time

in a clear way; especially about the business ethics policy.( In particular to the

volunteers for the trials)

As most of us know some clinical trials are done oversea, especially in developing

countries, first of all because is cheaper that back home. The fundamental part about

this trial is the communication with the tons of people who comes and volunteers for

the trials. People should be treat as the same whole over the world, with no distinction

or razism.they should follow the standards:

"All Novo Nordisk clinical trials are performed in accordance with the Declaration of

Helsinki and the ICH GCP guidelines, in addition to a number of other international

guidelines such as the Belmont report, Code of Federal Regulation (US), the CIOMS and

the EU Clinical Trials Directive, The Nuremberg Code and UNESCO's Universal

Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights. These are integrated into our global

Standard Operating Procedures which ensure that we are in compliance with these

guidelines when sponsoring clinical trials. Novo Nordisk is furthermore committed to

complying with national regulations in the countries where trials are performed,"

(Interview with Anders Dejgaard, Novo Nordisk Chief Medical Officer)