The NSW state election.

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NSW State Election

The last NSW State election was called on the 22nd March 2003. It was called due to the fixed term, which had ended. The fixed term means that an election must be held every 4 years. There are also federal and local elections every 4 years. The local electorate for Albion Park rail is the electorate of Kiama. The candidates for the most recent election were;

Jones, Danielle-Liberal party

Brown, Matt-Labour party

Green, Helga- One Nation party

Kadwell, John- Christian Democratic party

Collier, Henry-Australian Democrats

Curnow, Clive- Australians Against Furthur Immigration

Jones, Howard- Greens

The election consists of Major parties and Minor parties. This is determined on size or total amount of members in parliament. Major parties may have the chance to form a government although Minor parties may have as little as one or two members in parliament.

To be eligible to vote a person must be over the age of 18, they must then contact the electoral commission and fill out the necessary forms.

It is the job of the electoral commission to organise the election. From the candidates through to the counting of the votes. To vote in any Australian election the person must be an Australian citizen and be registered on the electoral role, which is done by contacting the electoral commission.

Because voting is compulsory those who do not wish to vote usually submit what is called a 'donkey vote' is a vote that has been submitted without thought. This is done in ways such as leaving the poll slip blank or simply writing 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on down the page.

Polling officers have such duties as marking names off the electoral role or list and organising the voting process in their local area. Voting in Australia is compulsory,