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"THE USE OF ATOM BOMB AND ITS EFFECT" Nuclear Bomb, a weapon originally developed to contain a Nazi atomic project. There were several conventional methods that were suggested to bring Japan to its knees. However, dropping of the bomb seemed to be the best action in President Tremens' Eyes.

The various ways available for the United States included a naval blockade, an extensive aerial bombardment or an invasion of the island of Japan. Japan posed little or no offensive threat to American forces. Other Option was that American and Russian forces could have tried to invade Japan. This almost suicidal type of fighting would have resulted in a tremendous amount of casualties for both sides. American casualties alone were projected at 500,000. The amount of deaths caused by an invasion would have easily dwarfed those of the atomic bombings. American bombing raids over Japan were inflicting massive amounts of casualties and causing tremendous damage to Japanese cities.

Since the skies were clear the tactics of using the A-bomb in Nagasaki and Hiroshima seemed to be the quickest, cheapest and little casualties to American Soldiers. Therefore the steps were taken and Atom Bomb was released. When the bomb were released there were some rather negative side to it as well as positive.

The negative fact would be that when the bomb was dropped in Hiroshima, there were about three hundred fifty thousand people in Hiroshima City at that day, and about one hundred forty thousand people of them were killed by the atomic bomb. There seemed to be more people killed by it. The accurate number of dead people by the atomic bomb is not clear even now because an investigation could not be enough after the dropping. Besides them, there were a lot of people who were not killed instantly...