Nuclear Crisis in Pakistan and Iran.

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Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East

Weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East have been a constantly growing problem. As more countries are achieving weapons of mass destruction, those countries become a threat to not only other countries that have already attained weapons of mass destruction, but even more of a threat to those who haven't. In the Middle East countries have been fighting to achieve weapons of mass destruction for a long time, such as Iraq and Iran. Iraq launched their nuclear weapons program in the 1970's under the control of Saddam Hussein. Iraq has later been invaded, and claims they disposed of all of their weapons, which brought up many suspicions and their weapons are now believed to be in Syria.

Iran began their nuclear program in the 1980's because of the chemical use by the Iraqi forces. Also within the Middle East, Pakistan has achieved weapons of mass destruction which put pressure on other Middle Eastern countries to try and achieve what they have to compete in the modern world.

A solution to this crisis would be to establish better relations within the Middle East to create a chance of less war. This will lessen the chance of these new countries who are achieving weapons of mass destruction and the countries who have already achieved them to use them. Treaties should also be made between the Middle Eastern countries as a result leaving an agreement to not use their new weapons of mass destruction.