Nuclear Energy

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Today, the fact that the supply of oil and natural gas is dwindling has become a very significant problem. Over the past ten to twenty years, rapid advancements in civilization resulting in vast amounts of new technologies and a greater need for energy have exacerbated the problem. It may seem that the natural sources that lay deep under the ground will supply the world with needed resources for many years. However, the oil and gas stored underground is disappearing very rapidly. On average, the demand for oil in the world is 83.6 million barrels, with each barrel containing 42 gallons (Blomberg). There is a major deficit in the supply of natural gas as well. It has been predicted that in the next six to seven years, the world will deplete current resources. A head of Analysis Group in Boston, Paul J. Hibba and a staff that works on problems related to natural gas resources says that current usage rates may cause a shortage as soon as next year (Blomberg D1).

This impending energy crisis shows that a sustainable solution needs to be found very quickly. Problems caused by diminishing energy supplies have become especially obvious today. Daily variations in gas prices, higher costs of heating, and rising transportation costs directly affect the world's population on a daily basis. The population's concerns about these rising costs has lead to energy advancements such as sun and wind power, atomic energy, biofuels. However, there has also been a growing demand to expand the nuclear energy industry. Nuclear energy is considered very efficient, productive, and much cheaper than other types of energy sources; although, much of the population fears the possibility of nuclear energy becoming the source of mass destruction instead of a substitution for oil.

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