The Nuclear Posture Review: The Wrong Road to Security.

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This paper is a critical analysis and a personal refutation of the contemporary nuclear weapons policies and strategies of the United States of America as laid out in the Congress mandated Nuclear Posture Review (NPR). The NPR is a set of recommendations on the future enhancements to American security by reorganizing and reinventing nuclear strategy to better enforce non-proliferation of NBC weapons by rouge states seen as the most likely adversaries of the future (Rumsfeld). A brief examination of the NPR will yield details of the direction in which the nuclear strategy of the United States is heading full stride. The deadly pitfalls and vicious whirlwind cycles of America's continued nuclear status and specifically the preemptive posture outlined in the NPR will be explored and subsequently presented as reasons for the complete rejection of the NPR and eventual abolition of nuclear weapons. The NPR will be shown with out a doubt not to further the interests of national security of the United States, but rather to actually render the United States relatively more vulnerable.

Moreover, the strategies of the NPR will be demonstrated to have great destabilizing effects on the world with the potential to lead humanity to its demise.

This paper will then turn to conclude with my personal reflections on the immediate necessity of humanity's choice with regard to whether we are going to accept nuclear weapons as inevitable and die tragically or unite as a species and commit to the total abolishment of nuclear weapons from the world order. I believe in the 21st century we as a species are faced with only two different possible lanes with which we can and must chose from when racing the highway of nuclear history to its final destination, one veering to total abolition, the other total annihilation.

The release...