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In the world today, around sixteen percent of the power produced is produced by nuclear power plants. They are a major source of electricity in America, and all over the world. In our country, they generate about twenty percent of all of the electricity used. I strongly believe that nuclear powerplants are good and should be supported. You may be concerned that nuclear power plants aren't safe, but in fact, they have never harmed a member of the U.S. Public in their entire history. Also, they are more efficient than coal powerplants They don't create acid rain like coal does when it is burned.

First, nuclear powerplants are much safer than publicly believed. You may think of a nuclear power-plant, and the first thing that comes to your mind is meltdown. In all actuality, there have only been two meltdowns ever. Considering there are 434 nuclear powerplants in the world, I think those are pretty good statistics.

The two cases of meltdowns involved many things going wrong at the same time, doubled with new plant operators. Another thing to point out is that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission limits the amount of radiation allowed to escape from plants. Believe it or not, about fifty-five percent of the radiation we receive comes from radon, which is a radioactive gas that forms from the decay of naturally occurring uranium and other metals. The remaining portion comes from natural sources, like soil, food, and water. Less than one percent of the radiation we receive comes from man-made sources, like nuclear powerplants.

Secondly, nuclear powerplants are much more efficient than other types of powerplants. Unlike coal plants, you only need a little fuel to produce power. The fuel is a naturally radioactive metal, known as U-235, or Uranium. The uranium is formed into small pellets...