Nuclear Sustainability

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Nuclear Sustainability

The United States faces the substantial question of wether nuclear power shall be our source of energy or not. Energy is desired because our world revolves around it. We necessitate it to power our cars, phones, lights, and basically everything. Not to mention that everything we own in our house is made in a factory, and the factories use energy. For fifty years we have depended on nuclear power as our main source of energy. However, this energy source is not safe, it isn't clean, it doesn't make sense with terms of cost, and it is a massive threat of the spread of nuclear weapons. I believe there are many other solutions that can are reliable and safe. America entails a plan for the 21st century power because something needs to take nuclear power plant's place as an important energy source.

America's implementation of nuclear power routinely releases radioactivity to the environment in the air and in the water, as it also generates high level nuclear waste that no one knows what to do with. In addition, the biggest emission is thermal pollution, which is not dangerous but could have long term effects. A thousand megawatt power plant releases two-thousand megawatts of thermal pollution. This is why most power plants are located by the ocean because they use an awful amount of water to take away the waste heat. For example, the Calvert Cliffs power plant will take in two million gallons of bay water a minute for cooling, and the output will raise bay temperatures by three degrees over a thirty five acre area. Power company scientists say their are no harmful effects, but others complain the heated water will cause premature responding to many fish, destroy microorganisms, and dangerously...