Nudes in Art.

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The following paper is a critical essay regarding three pieces of art with the similar theme of nudes. The works I have chosen are "Drunk Silenus" from the artist Peter Paul Rubens, "Jupiter in the Guise of Diana Seducing the Nymph Calisto" from the artist Francois Boucher, and , "The Death of Sardanapalus" from the artist Eugene Delacroix.

The first work of art is from Peter Paul Rubens, and is titled "Drunk Silenus". This painting was done in the style of Baroque, and was painted in 1618. Rubens is known for his animated, exuberantly sensous aspects of Baroque painting. When I first saw this painting I noticed the use of lighting, and what appears to be a very sinful crowd. I did some research on who silenus was and realize this is a very honest representation of Silenus. Silenus was the teacher and faithful companion of the wine god Dionysus.

He is a notorius consumer of wine, and is almost always totoally drunk, and is supported by Satyrs. I thought the satyr may have been the devil himself, but is definitely satyr and helps with the representation of the story of Silenus. Silenus is a hybrid creature himself, but does not show any characteristics of this in the painting, rather is just presented as a old drunkard. The light, even in the shading appears luminous. The painting seems sensuous in the way it was painted. The young woman on the right looks as if she is think here we go again. The painting doesn't show much landscape, but focuses on Silenus and the people in his group.

The second painting "The Guise of Diana Seducing the Nymph Calisto" painted by Francois Boucher in 1759. He was most known for and painted this particular painting in the...