Nukes Or No Nukes

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Nukes or No Nukes Part 2: Pro-Nuke You know that the atom bomb blows up because all its atoms split apart? Nuclear power is a good way to create electricity. It shouldn't be used to blow up countries or anything like that but for energy it is a good alterative. Nuclear power is a good alterative because it provides a good source of energy, doesn't hurt the environment, and has a good way of disposing of waste.

Nuclear power creates a great amount of energy. It can be used in many ways. One-way is electricity, we all need it for our everyday lifestyles and this is a good way. It doesn't cost that much either. The fuel prices are stable and the plants run at a high performance rate so we have enough energy and electricity. Unlike many other energy sources nuclear energy is always reliable. No matter what the weather or climate conditions, foreign countries we can still use nuclear energy.

When you use oil, for example, you can suddenly have a problem with prices and foreign countries shipments, but with nuclear power there is no problems like that.

Nuclear energy doesn't hurt the environment. Out of all our commonly used energy sources nuclear power has the lowest effect on the environment. The water that comes out of a nuclear power plant has no harmful chemicals in it and it meets standards for the temperature regulations for aquatic animals. Around the power plants are normally pools for the discharged water. Some plants turn these pools into wetland so birds can nest there and sometimes they even have fish. And of course they grow trees, flowers, and grasses around it to make it look more natural. The power plants also conserve land, they make a great amount of energy...