Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth and the Two books of Samuel: My continued refutation of the Bible verse-by-verse.

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i.23: States that there were 59,300 males of the tribe of Simeon but then gives the number in xxvi.14 as 22,200.

i.45-47: The number of those from twenty years old and upward, all that were able to go forth to war in Israel was 603,550, not including Levites. This from seventy million in Ex.i.5. Again as in Ex.xii.37, double this number for the women, throw in the children and elderly and assorted others, and you have a bigger population than the whole of Egypt!

i.51: If a stranger enters the temple, he must be executed. Hopefully this does not include mere churches.

iii.4: God kills two of Aaron's sons because they offered strange fire before the Lord.

iii.17-39: Lists the sons of Levi as Gershon, and Kohath, and Merari. Those that were numbered of the Gershonites were seven thousand and five hundred and these are the families of the Kohathites...eight

thousand and six hundred and these are the families of the Merari. And those that were numbered of them,...were six thousand and two hundred. It then concludes by suggesting that All that were numbered of the Levites,...were twenty and two thousand. If more evidence was necessary that the Biblical writers were not mathematicians, 7,500 + 8,600 + 6,200 equals 22,300, not 22,000.

iv.30: God orders all the Levites that entereth into the service to begin to serve at age 30. Later in viii.24 it gives the age as 25, so once again we have an example of God not being able to make up his mind.

v.11-31: The so-called law of jealousies. Here God orders the drinking of poison to demonstrate a woman's innocence of having committed adultery, an offence punishable by death. If a man suspects his wife of adultery but has no evidence, he can force...