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Direction and Location Lesson 25

A ä½ æ˜¯ä»€ä¹ˆåœ°æ–¹äºº?

B 香港人. ä½ æ˜¯å“ªå„¿çš„äºº?

A西安人. 香港大吗?

B 不大, 很小, 可是人很多

Where are you from? Hong Kong. Where are you from? Xi'An. Is Hong Kong big? No, it is small but there are lots of people

A 瞧, 谁坐在小马右边呢? Lesson 25 dialog 01

B 老李. 看见我的交通图了吗?

A 看见了, 在桌子上边呢.

Qiao, look who's sitting on the right of Little Ma? Old Li. Have you seen my road map? Yes, I've seen it. It's on the table.

Lesson 25 dialog 2

A ä½ çŸ¥é“å¤©å®‰é—¨åœ¨å“ªå„¿å—?

B 在市中心. 这就是天安门.

A 故宫是不是在它北边?

B 对, 故宫在天安门北边.

Do you know where Tiananmen is? In the city center. This is Tiananmen. Is the Forbidden City located to its north? Yes, the Forbidden City is located to the north of Tiananmen.

Lesson 25 dialog 3

A 首都体育馆在什么地方?

B 在动物园和图书馆中间.

Where is the Capital Gymnasium located? Between the library and the zoo.

Lesson 25 dialog 4


B 有.

可以说, 到处是饭馆儿.

A 火车站对面是什么地方?

B 一个停车场. 前边是停车场.

Are there some restaurants near the train station? Yes, you can say there are restaurants everywhere. A hotel/restaurant and here is a parking lot in front.

Lesson 26 City, Native Place dialog 1

A 这是哪个国家?

B 这是中国.

A 那是台湾吗?

B 那不是台湾, 那是海南岛.

What country is this? This is China. Is that Taiwan? That is not Taiwan, that is Hai3nan2 Island.

Lesson 26 Dialog 2



A ä½ åŽ»ä»€ä¹ˆåœ°æ–¹?

B我去上海. ä½ åŽ»å“ªå„¿?

A 我去南京.

What part of China is this? This is Beijing. What place are you going? I'm going to Nan2jing.1

Lesson 26 Asking The Way dialog 1

A 颐和园离这儿远不远?

B 不远, 很近, 就在北大西边. 从这儿到北大有多远? 大约有五公里.

Is the Summer Palace far from here? Not far, very close, just on the west side of Beijing University.

Lesson 26 dialog 2


Bè¦æ˜¯ä¸å µè½¦çš„è¯, 用不了半个小时.

How long does it take by...