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Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

Personally, my employer does not ever suggest anyone abandon their personal code of ethics. As a nurse ethics is very important in the workplace (Brooks & Dunn, 2009). I do think that if my employer wanted me to abandon my code of ethics they would more than likely be finding someone else to replace me or replace whoever was asking me to abandon the ethics that I have learned in my life. If by chance my employer did ask me to do something unethical, I think that I would try to handle the situation as professionally as possible. I would do this by making sure not to get angry at my supervisor. In the event that I was asked to do something unethical I would notify the supervisor above whomever it was asking me to commit the unethical behavior.

When I have been a part of a workplace group that was victimized by groupthink the main symptoms present were, carefully weighing the risks and discussing important moral issues. With many company groups, the group will come to a conclusion and not take the time to think about the risks involved.

In my situation the risk involved was losing a patient to another agency. Along with not thinking about the risks involved, the morals of some of the team members I was associated with were not that of very upstanding people. I had to fight to get some of them to understand that even though something may take the heat off of us does not mean that we should do it because it was not morally right. If the patient involved were...