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Personal and Organizational Ethics

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Personal and Organizational Ethics

One nurse in particular used to start her day with six or seven patients. In the morning, she would see the patients as she was supposed to, but as it got closer to five o'clock, if she was not going to be done by then, she would pull over on the side of the road and fill out her paperwork like she had seen the patient (Aulisio & Arnold, 2003). This did not happen all the time, but if she was overwhelmed on a certain day she would just not see the patients she had been assigned. I knew that this nurse was doing this, and that it was completely wrong because not only did the nurse not see the patient, but the patient could have had a problem that was missed because they were not seen.

To resolve this issue without being the bad guy I made sure that when I saw my patients I would let them know to call in periodically to make sure that they were not being missed. It took a while, but eventually it was figured out that this nurse was not seeing all the patients that she had paperwork for. I felt very uncomfortable knowing that there were patients that did not get seen because something could happen to one of them and then there could be major problems that occurred..

In my situation and the risks involved in losing a patient to another agency. Along with a no-brainer in the risks involved, and the attitude of some members of the team I was associated with not very upstanding people. I had to fight...