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1: There are many options for post op patients who have been discharged after a mastectomy and have been discharged from the hospital. Patients usually are discharged within 6 weeks as a recovery period. During that time nurses and doctors will be giving you info on support services within the district you live in and there are many options and I will give a few examples of what can be done to help patients who have been discharged from the hospital after this surgery:

1: Support groups that help and assist in patient's recovery by speaking to them and seeing how everything is going and what they have accomplished by doing this surgery and how they feel inside and what emotional feelings are going through their minds basically being a good listener.

2: Workshops are available to men and women with cancer. In a relaxed and friendly workshop environment you will learn how to manage the visual changes that may occur to your skin as a result of treatment including wig and turban demonstrations. This helps with patients self esteem and how to handle changes in their body and the appearance of the skin.

3: Patient support services and health and wellbeing of patient there are services that provide exercise routines and exerciser seminars that help patient recover after surgery and are mainly free they usually run for 8 weeks and when ever you want you can join or ask for advice.

4: CAN ASSIST is a service witch provides clinical and emotional support to family's of cancer patients and the patients themselves they offer accommodation for cheaper and affordable prices why you are recovering there are nurses that are there everyday that help you with your daily choirs and they have several branches...