Nursing Ethics and Law

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Nursing Ethics and LawA value system can be defined as a set of consistent ethical values and measures used for the purpose of ideological or ethical integrity. A proper value system can also be defined as a moral code of ethics which is used for guiding a certain group or society.. Normally, this system would be made of personal and cultural values. Culture can be defines as the patterns of a persons activity and the symbolic structures that give significance to such activities. A person's culture plays a major role in the development of an ethical and a value system in that the value system, a collection of ethical and cultural morals, is normally constructed from the ethics and cultures of the different. Again, a person's culture is important in the sense that the value system should work in such a way that there are no value or ethical conflicts and that the value system is fair and level to all the members of this group.

(American Nursing Association, 2005, p. 5)It is through personal culture that a sound ethical and values system is formed in such a way that the system avoids ethical conflicts and that ethical and practical dilemmas are solved through a smooth system that is guided by the values system. Through his or her culture, a person will be able to contribute to the value system which in turn will ensure that there is a sound set of values which do not conflict each other and which will act as guidance to all members of the group or society. (American Nursing Association, 2005, p. 12)In conclusion, a person's culture will have the profound effect of reshaping the value system through contribution as well as helping in improving the way cultural conflicts are...