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Finding a nursing home is a hard job. Families of elderly need to know how to compare nursing homes. If you make the wrong choice, you could easily jeopardize your loved one's life. There are many issues we need to look at when we research nursing homes. It becomes a full time job investigating which nursing facility meets your needs.

4 months ago my 88-year-old grandmother fell and broke her shoulder. She could no longer live by herself for many reasons. It was a long battle of forgetfulness, isolation, and unsteadiness that brought her to this final point. So my mom and I set out on a long journey to research and compare nursing homes. Our decision came down to two nursing homes, Rosewood and Peabody Glenn.

Rosewood Nursing home and Peabody Glenn Nursing home are both in a convenient location. Except, Rosewood is in a more secluded area whereas Peabody Glenn is located on Route 114, a major road.

The architecture and decor at Rosewood is more modern versus the decor at Peabody Glenn. Both facilities contained large bedrooms, dining rooms, and beauty parlors. Each nursing home had a rehabilitation center with exercise equipment. Peabody Glenn nursing home had a larger rehabilitation room than Rosewood. Both places seemed to be clean and odor free. The visiting hours at Rosewood is from 8am until 8pm. Peabody Glenn's visiting hours is 24 hours a day. One good thing about them both is the approval of animals in their facilities.

When I walked into Rosewood nursing home it looked beautiful. It almost reminded me of a hotel. I saw residents sitting in wheelchairs. I noticed that there was not many staff walking around and interacting with the residents. That concerned me a little. The staff that I did see was unfriendly.

On the other hand, Peabody Glenn had a large amount of staff walking around. They were friendly and helpful. I also saw that they were interacting with the residents. Some were playing bingo while others were listening to an entertainer sing. The elderly looked happy and content. I came to the decision that Peabody Glenn had a larger variety of activities than Rosewood. But I still was not convinced to make a choice yet.

My mother had requested each nursing home's inspection report. We took them home and looked them over carefully. To our dismay we were shocked at the results of Rosewood. Here was a beautiful place but its report was bad. The state inspection stated that large quantities of patients were not treated for bleeding bedsores. It also stated that meals were insufficient with state regulations and were not served daily at regular times. Rosewood also was at fault for not providing a safe area free of dangers that could contribute to accidents. They also failed to check backgrounds of employees.

Peabody Glenn had one bad report that concerned us but not nearly as many as Rosewood. The inspection report for Peabody Glenn stated that the food quality was not good. But it showed a date of correction. The date of correction assured us that the nursing home had taken care of this issue and was more aware of its problem.

Mom and I had made our decision. My grandmother has been living at Peabody Glenn Nursing home for 4 months. She loves it! We were scared and felt guilty for putting her in a nursing home. It turned out she feels safe there. We visit her everyday. It makes me feel good to see her smiling face. She is interacting with people and enjoys flirting with the male staff. I know she is in a good place. I feel ok about leaving her there. Of course the job of being a good daughter and granddaughter is to keep checking in on her. We feel that as long as we come every day the nursing home will know that we are watching closely.