Nursing Home Disrespect

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As an employee of a nursing home you get the pleasure to have a co-workers meaning that they should work just a I do. But because of the verbal abuse from the patients, some staff take upon themselves to ignore the patients, leaving the bulk of work to be done by others.

Unfortunately, there are those who come to work to relax their bodies, take up personal business, like manicure or facials. Maybe their job description is a bit different from mine. They even leave the facility for about two hours or more. The problem with me is that their luxury becomes my headache. It slows productivity of the job down, thus added to my own share of work load.

Such behavior from employees are mostly base on residents response to them such as calling their names and so forth. I came to work one day in a happy mood and all of a sudden, I heard a tiny low voice from my back saying ?Negro?, can you please change my diaper? At the same time asked by another person to give him water to drink which took me a few minutes.

The next bullet I heard was ?you black people are full of it?. I do not think you really love your job; by the way why did you even choose this job? What a shame; you don?t even understand English. There is nothing you can do but to change her and digest more dirty words. You really need to clean me up, is jour job and that is what you are paid to do. She says thank you when she feels good after cleaning. It won?t end there because once they stated, it continue throughout the day. What a day nightmare: Oh! I heard you black color people...