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Nursing Philosophy

Dylan Domingue

University of Maine at Fort Kent

A person is a living organism that has to eat and breathe to survive. Now there are two major different types of people, hard workers and there are people that don't care and do as little as possible to get by. These are the two types of people that I feel that make up this world. While in the medical field you have a bunch of hard workers due to the fact that it is not the easiest thing in life to get through the schooling and you have to be driven. The essence of a person is at one point in their lifetime to make an impact on someone or something. I feel that every person should have an impact on someone before they die. A person's environment is the surrounding where they work or live.

If someone lives in the inner city then they're environment is the city and a place where there is millions of people. If you are a nurse at a big hospital in Boston you might not know all of the medical personal, in comparison to if you were in the country. In the country you might know all of the medical personal compared to knowing only the people on your floor. This is a big impact on the peoples personal preferences on what kind of environment they like to work in. This would be an internal element. An external element would be the type of people that you have to deal with. In the city's there are many different cultures, so an external factor with being in the city compared to the country would be medical personal having to deal with...