Nursing - Reflective Essay on the Adaptation Course.

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This reflective essay will reflect on my experience of the adaptation course. In order to gain an insight into my development I will focus on certain issues that have been prominent during the course.

I studied and trained as a nurse in the Czech Republic. Upon graduating I worked part time in an oncology department and then full time in a general medicine department for 7 months. Then I decided to come to England to learn English and to try living in different country. During my stay here it came to my attention that there was a shortage of nurses and so I went about applying to be registered with NMC.

I found there to be a very large amount of paperwork and that the process was slow but it was well worth the wait. When I started working on Wellington ward (Royal London Hospital - Whitechapel) I was very surprised just how much I had forgotten in the two years that I had away from nursing.

Despite this I was quite lucky in that I had a lot of support from my mentor and the other staff in my team; it's thanks to them I am now at the end of my supervised practice period and I feel confident about being registered and having my own group of patients to look after.

One of the greatest difficulties was the language barrier even though I had been in England for a while and studied for the required International English Language Testing System qualification. I had to learn many new words, abbreviations and names of medicines. I would usually write these down and look them up as I returned home after work in order to keep up to speed.

I also found it helped immensely that I am good...