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INTRODUCTIONThe objective of the following assignment is to analyse and critique a chosen research article, using a particular critical framework as guidance the student will critique and justify the article's relevance and current nursing pratice. Nursing research will briefly be defined and its importance and how it plays an essential part in nursing pratice will be explained. In accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, (NMC) Code of Professional Conduct (NMC, 2005) regarding safeguarding patient information no names or places will be divulged.

The piece of research chosen to be critiqued is Mclaughlin D, McKenna H, Leslie J, (2000), 'The perceptions and aspirations illicit drug users hold towards health care staff and the care they receive', Journals of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 7 (5), 435-44 (appendix 2).

The rational for the choice was the student was hoping to complete her Diversity of Care module at a drug rehabilitation centre.

The critical framework used to critique the article is by Benton and Cormack (2001), (appendix 2). Parahoo (2006) will be used to compare any findings and support any arguments. This will analyse the validity of the research article used, and will guide the student through a step by step analysis leading to an unbiased and concise conclusion of the article. The students choose Benton and Cormack as her critiquing framework as she found it the easiest one to use.

There are many definitions of nursing research, Benton and Cormack (2001) defines nursing research as an attempt to increase the sum of what is known this process of research consists of a series of steps, which need to be followed logically.

TITLEBenton and Cormack (2001), state that it is important to make the title explicit and reasonably brief when describing the study. Parahoo (2006) agrees with this statement by...