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Audience hook: A survey conducted by Nurse Finders, Inc., found that 85 % of health care facilities believe work-related stress is a major factor in the overall nursing shortage (Nurse Finders, 2005).

Thesis: Research suggests that registered nurses maintain longevity and job satisfaction in the healthcare industry when they demonstrate good self-care by taking breaks, getting plenty of rest and adequate nutrition in order to adapt to work related stress.

Preview of Main points:

Nurses need to take breaks to adapt to work related stress.

Nurses need plenty of rest to adapt to work related stress.

Nurses need adequate nutrition to adapt to work related stress.

Show visual aid (Nurse Finders, 2005)

Nurses need to take breaks.

Registered nurses tend to ignore their physical self-care care such as skipping meals, not being adequately hydrated and avoiding using the bathroom for many hours at a time (Fountain, 2007).

Taking breaks away from the work area helps ease physical and mental tension (Metules, 2007).

Nurses need plenty of rest.

Registered nurses are faced with long hours, short of help due to high nurse patient ratios and can become exhausted from caring for others (Jackson, 2007).

Nurses perform better and are more resilient with at least 7-8 hours of sleep prior to their shift (Jackson, 2007).

Prayer and meditation reconnects our mind to our higher power and actually gives us the strength and energy to cope even in the moments that feel hopeless (Dyer, 2006).

Nurses need adequate nutrition.

Hydration and balanced meals aid in physical and emotional endurance (Metules, 2007).

The Old Food Pyramid has been replaced with a new diagram called "MyPlate". The USDA has now recommended making half your plate fruits and vegetables, making at least half your grains whole grains, and switching to fat-free or low-fat...