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For the purpose of this essay, I have chosen temperature control, as my biology component, for my sociology component I have chosen inequalities in health and social class, and for my psychology; I have chosen The development of relationships. I have also shown how all three subjects relate to a patient. I have changed the names of any patients that I have used in this essay to ensure confidentiality as referred to in the Code of Conduct Handbook. (London 2004).

BIOLOGYAs Health Care Professional's, we can tell quite a lot about a patient's health by their temperature, e g; if they have a high temperature or pyrexia, that could indicate a virus or infection. (Watson's 2002). For this assignment, I have looked at 'normal body temperature' as in relation to homoeostasis and 'fever' (pyrexia) in relation to my patient.

Normal body temperature is about 36.5oC, human enzymes work best at this temperature, and if you are too hot or cold, the control centre called the hypothalamus sends nerve impulses to the skin.

(Watson 2005).

The core temperature (the temperature of organs within the cranial, thoracic and abdominal cavities) remains relatively constant - within the range 36.1 - 37.8 ° C (Heath, 1995). The peripheral temperature fluctuates according to both metabolic activity and the surrounding environmental temperature. This fluctuation is essential in order to maintain core temperature within the normal range (homeostasis). It is important to appreciate that heat gains and heat losses must be kept in balance. If the heat gained exceeds the amount of heat lost, the body temperature will gradually rise, and if this is not corrected a fatal heat stoke will develop. Conversely, if heat loss exceeds the amount of heat gained then eventually hypothermia will develop.

The skin plays an important part in the...