Nurture has a lot To Do with Gender Roles We Play

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According to the article "Bring on the Geekettes" by Susan Bourette, Maria Klawe was born in Toronto and got her B.Sc and Ph.D in mathematics at the University of Alberta. When Maria was dean of science at the University of British Columbia, she redesigned programs and increased the number of female students who study in computer science by 20 per cent (43 44). This example illustrates that gender roles are influenced by nurture. According to gender roles, men and women have different attitudes, behaviors, expectations, and responsibilities. For example, it is typically thought that boys like trucks, whereas girls like Barbie Dolls; boys are more interested in science, whereas girls are more interested in arts. Gender roles are more influenced by nurture, which is the environmental and social factors affecting human behavior. Therefore, nurture has a lot to do with gender roles we play and gender roles are influenced by parental control, school education, and mass media.

First of all, parents play a significant role in influencing children's gender roles. From birth, parents influence sons and daughters to participate in different types of activities. For instance, boys are usually encouraged to play with trucks and engage in sports activities. In contrast, girls are usually encouraged to play with Barbie dolls and engage in housekeeping activities. Furthermore, children can learn different gender roles through observing their parents' behavior. In the article " Why Boys Don't Play With Dolls," Katha Pollitt states, "the working mother who comes home exhausted and nonetheless finds it easier to pick up her son's socks than make him do it himself" (516). Through observing their mothers, girls can easily imitate their behavior. In short, parental control will be the first and perhaps the most important factor to influence gender roles.

Gender roles are not only...