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Ida CorporalDANC110Concert Critique #1When thinking of the holidays, one key event which is always remembered is The Nutcracker. From the holiday aesthetics to the cultural adaptation of Christmas, this ballet that was originally created in the 1800s has outlived multiple theatrical performances and is an anticipated part of the holiday season. The rendition of The Nutcracker that I attended was held on November 30, 2008. The performance took place at the Norris Theatre of Performing Arts in Palos Verdes, California. The music performed was taken from its original essence of Llyich Tchaikovsky and choreographed by Lev Ivanov after the original choreography of Marcus Petipa. The recital was presented by the Dance Peninsula Center and at the same time celebrated their 20th anniversary of performing this particular ballet. The Nutcracker is a fundamental portion of the holiday season with brilliant performances ranging from the first performance to the last including one particular one that stands out in between.

The first performance of the night consisted of introducing the main characters, the parents, Clara, Counselor Drosselmeyer and the family. The scene took place as if in the living room of a giant mansion. The elaborate costumes all sparkled from the stage as the light hit them. Each costume represented the era of the late 1800s, with the gentlemen in suits and the women in elegant gowns. The younger cast dressed in a youthful rendition of the adult's costume" watched from the back, the first dance of The Nutcracker began. Clara, the main lead of the performance stood in the center among the other young girls as the other young boys stood behind them. Since the ensemble consisted mostly of females, the young boys were portrayed by girls. Each stood on their pointe shoes and gracefully glided along the stage. With the...