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Fast food

By- Ronald Nielson

Fast food can be a cheap and affordable way to eat, especially for single people out on their own. Not only can it be cheap, but also irresistibly amazing. As you may know fast food generally isn't he most healthy thing to eat. The Big Mac alone can have more calories than most people eat in a sitting, and they aren't good calories. Although fast food can be healthy you just need to know what to pick. This can sometimes be very hard especially if you're choosing between a salad and a big juicy monster hamburger. This is exactly why I only eat out like once every 2 weeks, because when I eat out I like to get the most tasty and unhealthy foods.

Unfortunately I could not go out to eat (I also happen to live in the middle of nowhere) this week so I will be using the Jack in the Box web site to get my information.

I will try to accurately predict what I would choose to eat and analyze the foods and drinks (Jack in the Box is my usual fast food joint). Well If I were to go to Jack in the Box I would order my personal favorite and that would have to be the big and the amazing Sourdough Jack. The Sourdough jack is by far "hands down" the best hamburger/sandwich I have ever tasted. It has onions, bacon, beef, buns, and a really good sauce that's name eludes me at the moment. Although for all her goodness she packs a whopping 660 calories, which probably isn't the healthiest choice of food. She also has 365 calories from fat which once again isn't that great. Total fat is at 41g, and 15 g of saturated fat.