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Nutrition and Mental Health

Health is the state of fitness of the body and mind. Health is usually determined by individual's lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle keeps one's mind and body in good shape and similarly a bad lifestyle leads us to a very bad shape. Food and nutrition play major roles in everyone's life. If someone does not get the right amount of nutrition, their mind and body won't function right. The body would not produce enough energy. (Markey, 2004) Eating habits should be good because if we do not eat the right foods our mind and body will be weak and tired. Bad eating habits leave the person with not enough energy to do any mental or physical activity properly.

Mental health brings the equilibrium between all aspects of our life - physical, social, emotional and spiritual. It effects on how we manage surroundings and make all sorts of choices in our lives - undoubtedly it is an important part of our overall health.

(Gold, 2003)

Mental health is when your mind is set on things like drugs and losing weight and other things like that. If you have your mind set on losing weight, you will be more tempted to try diets and other things that aren't good for your body. If you are depressed you will be more likely to try drugs.

Recently, depression rates have been soaring. More people are succumbing to all the anti-depression medication commercials and accepting that they are depressed. Ironically, alongside of depression, obesity rates are also dramatically rising. What does this mean? Depression and obesity are two devils working hand in hand to make people unhealthy. In many cases, humans may eat to suppress their hunger; in turn, humans may become depression due to the appearance of their body. (Stuart, 2002) This creates a dangerous chain of bodily abuse, which commonly ends in death. One's mental and emotional health is determined by the way the person in question reacts and possibly adapts to the world around them. We may know a person who for some reason is able to keep their head up and maintain a smile throughout their day even though they are enduring horrifyingly bad situations. This is because they are interpreting their world in a way different than another might be. Many people need to realize this in order to become healthy. A healthy person is in control of his or her thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They feel good about themselves and have good relations with other people. Some people are overwhelmed by stress due to their complicated and seemingly depressing lives that are filled with only short bouts of happiness in their opinion.

Despite the fact that anorexia nervosa (AN) and bulimia nervosa (BN) are commonly identified as the eating disorders caused because of the nutritional deficiency, there are other types of disorders known as Eating Disorders not otherwise Specified (EDNOS); they are usually not as serious as AN and BN but are surely of the same kind. The most common primary symptoms of eating disorders include depression, anxiety, obsessionality and social withdrawal (Hermen and Polivy, 2005). Specifically, AN is associated with chronic dieting and BN with binge eating and forced puking. It is important to note that these symptoms have to be chronic in nature and not the transient and occasional bouts of abnormal or restrictive eating behaviors.

Getting mentally healthy and staying that way requires an intermediate understanding of both nutrition and fitness. When used together, these two can create a very healthy mind. One must eat the right foods in order to stay mentally active. Fitness can be a very enjoyable deed. Not only is it required for optimal physical health, but it can also aid in maintaining one's mental health. This can be easily explained, as some enjoyable physical workouts are biking and rock climbing. If you choose to bike with a partner, the experience in its whole can benefit you physically and also solidify the relationship you have with your biking partner. It can also create some healthy competition; because if there are no challenges in your life, you have no life. One who is interested in nutrition would do some research. This research may result in topics such as: Taking vitamins, eating vegetables, eating three meals a day, and setting goals for one's self.

Gaining this knowledge can be very rewarding to those who follow it. A healthy body is just another necessary factor in achieving a satisfyingly pleasurable life.


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