Nutrition and what it should be. this essay has bible related context about what GOd says about nutrition and humans well being. Also, has refrences to other books as well.

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The first key to nutrition is to eat a healthy diet. In order for food to be nutritious, it needs to be consumed in the form that God created it- compatible for the human body. The world's healthiest people have known how to preserve, prepare and consume food in its healthiest form. The non-biblical Western diet has a basis of processed foods contaminated with substances that our bodies cannot cope with. The result has been a massive decline in the health of the world.

According to God in the LEV 11:9 and 11:13, pork, shellfish, lobster, and crab should be avoided because these creatures are scavengers. God designed food to be fresh and unprocessed. A nutritious lifestyle is established by eating foods the way that God created them to be eaten. God gives us everything we need to be healthy physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

God is the manufacturer and the Bible is manufacturer's instructions manual.

In the book What the Bible Says About Healthy Living , Dr. Rex Russell defines the three most important keys for nutrition. Dr. Russell's book states:

"don't eat anything God didn't intend for food; don't become addicted to anything (i.e. do not make food your god); and ingest food before it is changed into nutrient deficient or harmful products"

Dr. Russell explains the science behind God's instruction on what we should and should not eat. He puts the reason to God's authority and in so doing, explains the medical science behind it.

Since the modernization of food processing, food has lost a lot of its nutritional value. Food has lost a lot of its nutritional value due to transporting food long distances, chemical fertilizers, and the predominance of convenience foods. The Western diet (the...