nutrition and sport

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Luis Miguel

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24 March 2013

Nutrition and sports

Glucose is stored in the liver and muscles, in the form of glycogen and is used as the body needs .It follows that the glycogen reserve is a key factor in the intensity of exercise can be performed. One may be a program of intense activity, provided that the reserves are sufficient.

Food rich in complex carbohydrates

The reason why many athletes follow a diet high in complex carbohydrates for several days before competitions is that these hydrates are forming glycogen stores, then during the competition will become glucose.

It is also important to note that body fat is the second source of energy used by the body during exercise.

Body fat is the one to use as fuel begins approximately after 20 minutes into exercising. We made it clear

That it is not incorporated into the fat through diet, but our own body fat.

But contrary to what happens with carbohydrates, it is desirable to have a high fat diet to have reservations, because this way it would be very dangerous brewing diseases such as cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Always follow a diet low in fat whatever physical activity you perform.


Meanwhile proteins are an important source of energy, but are necessary to build muscle and repair tissue. They are used as fuel only when the body does not have enough carbohydrates or fats.

This process is not healthy for our body as they lose muscle mass and lean tissue and most dangerous is the accumulation of high levels of ammonia, which can be toxic.

The protein requirements are not increased despite performing strenuous activity. Eating a high protein diet purely is negative because it creates competition which will affect dehydration endurance and performance. Furthermore the...