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The federal program, commonly referred to as the W.I.C program, is a special supplemental program for women, infants and children that has become a major concern within the confines of federal and state officials. Numerous food stores are using methods to cater to the low-income people, but in some cases those specific methods have ended up causing major concerns with the recipients. Grocery stores are battling which items are available to be purchased with the WIC certificates, and others are just not labeled clearly.

The WIC program helps feed 7.7 million people each month by providing vouchers for infant formula, juice, eggs, milk, cheese, cereal and dried beans. A growing number of stores are based around selling to the WIC families, accept only the government vouchers in replacement for cash payments. About forty seven percent of all babies and their families born in the United States each year participate in the program.

The question lies to why is this program still has so many problems? An analysis of food costs in certain states by government officials indicate WIC only stores have higher prices than the average stores and other authorized retailers. If the process for these participating stores were clear on their expectations, then maybe the participants would have a clearer understanding of what products they are entitled to purchasing with their certificates.

The participating stores involved have found a niche in the market Congress did not take into consideration. Their excuse is that their stores offer convenient locations and superior service. One of the managers of the WIC store location, located within a small shopping center and next to a state health clinic, stated the WIC certificates issued out meet all the specifications of the program, as does every item in the one stop shop store. She continued...