Nutritional Plan- Four Goals to a healthier me.

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I foresee in my future a weight problem, my aunt, my mother and my grandmothers thyroids have all stopped working properly around the age of 30. I am 5 years from thirty years old. They struggle with weight gain, due to poor diet and exercise programs on top to the thyroid no longer controlling their metabolism. If my thyroid does go out over time there is no diet or exercise program that will bring it back. Studies have shown there are some foods that can help raise your metabolism, or may be linked to a reduction in your thyroid going down. Rather than focus so much on what I may now be unable to change, I will focus my nutritional plan on the choice that will help me weather my thyroid continues to work or goes out on me. Either way weight will be an issue for me if I continue on the poor nutrition lifestyle I am on now.

I have laid out four goals for me to reach within the next 30 days; they are realistic and effective in losing weight and maintaining a healthy nutritional diet.

My first plan of action or goal will be to reduce the amount of caffeine in my diet. I currently drink 1 to 4 12 oz cans a day. I plan on making this happen by packing apple juice or orange juice in my lunch rather than getting a soda out of the machine. I also plan on keeping less soda in the house to decrease the "convenience" of just grabbing a can. "The relationship between soft drink consumption and body weight is so strong that researchers calculate that for each additional soda consumed, the risk of obesity increases 1.6 times." According to Dr. Nestle, a person can lose up to...