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Chris Street, MD, CSCS. "ECA Buzz." Muscle and Fitness. June, 2000, p.138-142 This article describes the combination of ephedrine and caffeine to help aid with fat loss. It shows that the combination can be effective with the right diet and a good amount of exercise. The article states, "Ephedrine and caffeine"¦ have the potential to reduce unwanted fat and help maintain lean body mass while dieting" (138). The two drugs are said to improve the other's capability to cut fat, they are added to most fat burning supplements available today. The drugs, when combined, act like an amphetamine, which is a powerful stimulant to the human body. However the EC stack, as the combo is commonly called, is much weaker and has fewer side effects than amphetamines. The combo is widely used by many world-class athletes and body builders; yet, " "¦ephedrine is considered a banned substance by many sports governing bodies, including the NCAA and the International Olympic Committee" (140).

The article gives a very technical and biological summary of what the drugs do to the human body, but also cautions the reader of the potentially dangerous side effects involved with the EC stack.

Personally, I found the article to be very informing, because I work out and exercise regularly not only to keep in shape, but also to burn fat and increase muscle mass. New products are always showing up on the market as a quick way to lose fat, but none seem too effective. It seems that if this combination is used correctly, it could be effective in burning fat and helping to keep hard earned muscle. The article seems to catch the reader's attention because it is covering a very hot topic, and certainly made me want to know more. I have been considering sports supplements for the past few months, but have not had the time to research them thoroughly. I would like to look into the EC stack to learn if the side effects, if that harmful, outweigh the benefits of these drugs.