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"Water, water everywhere

But not a drop to drink"

I'm sad, my soul is heavy

My ship is about to sink

Luckily help was on the way

7B gave me the time to stop and think

Cool kids but not at all bad

Brainy, bright and surely they drive me mad

Two funny Gabis and a huge Haig

With smart Wadih and sweet Jihad can start a big fight

Malek and Aslan enjoy watching

Rajab and the two Samis would be laughing

Wahib and Ibrahim will give a sigh

Elias and Karam will ask why

No P.E for Mohammad Ghazal

Sad but True he was a star

Amer and Arash working hard

Saoud Zarouni no more feeling sad

George and Fadi are always awake

Hazza' is not always late

Patrick and Nabil pass on smiles

Reza can run for miles

Abdallah and Khaled are really tall

Hard working never will they fall

Omar and Jamal busy talking

But during essays beautifully writing

7B, great, super what can I say?

You will stay in my heart night and day

Crazy, naughty, gangsters at many times

Helpful and sweet should get a prize

Best of teachers are all around you

Wish I had the chance to teach you

When Dani the great is there, nothing you have to fear

Dependable Salam is next to you and always near

Your class advisor is the star

No wonder when it is Ali Baitar

Hussein and Mahmoud are fabulous at work

Patrick and Djaouida no one can mimic nor mock

Fouad is a Math whiz

Always there to give you a tough quiz

Bigger than plains, higher than mountains

Dello's knowledge flows like fountains

History and Art can be so much fun

When Lina and Suzie are done

Magida, Fadia, and Mariette

Special teachers, special...