The Oath

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The Oath The Oath written by Frank Peretti is about a mining town, a strange oath taken by the town's people and a deadly and evil presents in the mountains of Hyde River. The story takes places in Hyde River n Pacific Northwest mining town where Steve Benson is investigating the savage and brutal murder of his brother.

Through a lot of investigating with a local cop Steve finds out that the people of Hyde River all took an oath of secrecy about a riot in the town and an evil presents that has been there since. Steve learns that the thing that killed his brother was a dragon that lives in the mountains, which is responsible for several other gruesome murders that take place while he's there. Steve learns that the creature is a dragon and that it is pure evil. The dragon marks its victims with a rash just about there harts that leeks black slimy crud after the person committed a sin and that the only way you can keep it from killing you is through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

After a long time of trying to deny that Jesus won't help him in killing it he comes to know Christ. With Christ on his side the dragon fears him and with the help of a huge spear on a truck he is successful in killing the dragon.

I thought this book was very well written. It was a long book but the way it hooked me I couldn't put it down and was done in no time. This book is definitely not for someone going on a camping trip or someone who doesn't like gore because there was a lot of detail put into it. I thought this book a good biblical perspective on sin. The way the people were marked on there harts after they committed a sin and how the dragon who was sin killed them and the only way to be saved from death was through knowing Jesus because he already paid the price for us which is death.