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Practice Projects, Essays and Exam Questions

All of the projects described below have been successfully completed by many of my masters students over the years.

Chapter Four - Projects

Case Analysis

Write up a case of your choice. The case analysis will assess your application of concepts/theories discussed in class to problem formulation and the design of solutions to practical problems. The written case analysis will be evaluated based on how well you identify and analyse problems in the case (including how thoroughly and appropriately concepts are used), the adequacy of, and support for, any recommendations made, and the identification of any potential downsides to your solutions. It will also be assessed on clarity and technical quality (writing style, English and presentation). Appendices containing relevant charts, figures and other material may be included (and need not be included in the word count).


Produce a Practical Guide to Effective Leadership for Managers. The practical guide should include a 'model' that managers can refer to as a source of justification/accountability for their leadership behaviours and a brief rationale for your 'guidelines' written in Plain English. Ensure your guidelines are theoretically coherent/sound and 'evidence' based.

Team Development

Formulate some of the problems that are commonly experienced by the interdisciplinary health-care team in the coordination of their expertise. Design (describe and explain) an intervention to optimize the likelihood of effective 'teamwork'. Use the formulation to decide what criteria you would use to evaluate the success of the intervention and why?


Apply the concept of leadership to the conventional classroom. How might this be used to help teachers to manage both class and individual performance? How might you also conceptualize the role of the head teacher and why? Design a one-day intervention for teachers based on this formulation.

Group Processes

Set up...