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OBAMAThe Picture of Barack Obama the elected Presidents of America is portrayed in the image as Osama a radical terrorist. The image shows him dressed as muslim with same beard as Osama. The image is trying to tell who ever is looking at it that Obama is a terrorist. If you look in the pictures much closer it shows that the way the picture is portrayed as he is a heading as the wrong way becoming a president. The words used for this image misinterpret into words other is that he always say in his campaign "it's time for change" but in the picture it says "So America you want change" is very misleading because he is stereotyped as a terrorist. He is dressed as Muslim what Osama usually wears, but just combination of both them. An as Obama to portrayed like that is wrong because people that might not know him will have an automatic idea or maybe he might be a terrorist because of his name and that he didn't have as much years or experience as politics.

The will definably concerns the public as citizens that may decide to vote for Obamo as President. It's also confusing because its shows that Muslims are bad and used in a negative way which is not good name for the religion. I am a Muslim an I don't want people to have an idea or think maybe my religion is wrong and that they we are terrorist, yes we know that Osama was a Muslim but it he was a radical Islam who did things wrong, but that doesn't mean every Muslim Is that.

The point of this image is to show how horrible Obama is and that he is terrorist and not ready to be election. In the Picture...