Obamacare a failure

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Obamacare a Failure

Shirley Pardo

Lone Star College Cy-Fair

In 2010, President Barack Hussain Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, today known as Obamacare. (Obamacare Facts, 2013). A program to "supposedly" reform national health care and give more people than before access to affordable health care. As a healthcare professional, I have experienced first hand a major factor of concern for many Americans - Affordability. As we discover more and more about the law, most Americans agreed, this law causes more harm than good.

The purpose of the mandate is blatantly simple: to compel tens of millions of healthy young people to greatly overpay for health insurance so that older and sicker, can greatly underpay. Furthermore, the individual mandate has now been declared a tax. Meaning, the individual is not mandated by law to get insurance, but, if decides to opt out, the individual will pay a penalty.

Another tax to pay and nothing is changing because this Supreme Court ruling allows states to reject Medicaid for their poor and leaving 5.7 million of our nation's poorest without coverage options. These individuals will end up in the emergency rooms anyway and the ripple effect continues - hospitals passing that expense to the insured individuals, as their insurance premiums increase because the insurances try to make up for the expense. How is that good health care?.

As a result of the law, as of 2015 businesses with over the equivalent of 50 full-time employees must offer health coverage. Businesses are anticipating this change and preparing for the financial hit by dropping full-time employees to part-time and most likely as that mandate becomes effective, they will stop hiring altogether. The result does not take a financial guru to...