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In philosophy, Knowledge is usually defined as beliefs that are justified, true and actionable. Any description, hypothesis, concept, theory, or principle which fits this definiton would be considered knowledge. However individuals usually use this term Knowledge to desribe a belief they may obtain. For example "I know that the sun will rise tommorow". The sun has risen everyday for many years but there is no evidence that it will definatley rise tommorrow. Therefore it can only be considsered as a belief and not knowledge. Most of the knowledge we obatin, as individuals, is limited. however there is a problem, how do we define knowledge? People often use the term "knowledge" in different ways, without precisely defining what they mean. This essay will outline the many ways of obatining knowledge and will conclude with what a belief should include to be considered as knwoledge.

All people have an ability to understand and analyze ideas, and thus to gain knowledge.

However, people usually do this without thinking about the conceptual framework2 that allows them to do this. This framework is called an epistemology(1).

All people hold beliefs about the world that may or may not constitute as real knowledge. For example, most people have the belief that the Earth is roughly spherical in shape. However, most people also believe in some form of God or gods, but these beliefs have not been proved; they may even be unprovable. It is possible that they are false, yet people certainly have this beliefs within their minds, and may even consider them as knowledge. This is one of many problems that arise when considereing knowledge. Belief's can interfere and be mistaken for knowledge. Each individual hold beleifs that may be strong however they not all can be considered as knowledge.

To establish the framework involved...