Obedience to Authority

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Obedience to authority is a big power of strong people. They have a power to persuade and control others to submit weak people, who must obey because they are weak, and do not have a necessary choice. From an early age, humans are taught to be obedient. Obedience can be a negative thing and also a positive. For instance, a doctor is an authority. You will listen to him when it is something to do with your health because you know he has the knowledge. But, if some other person would tell you something about your health you wouldn't take it as serious as you would with a doctor. Many times we also tend to obeybecause it is easy to be part of a group, to belong somewhere than to go against an authority. As long as we are within a group we feel protected and safe. Disobedience is not always a sin.

However, in order to disobey we have to have courage. Not many of us can say proudly: " I dare to disobey in the name of my faith and my conscience, and nothing can change me, even an authority." For instance, I know a person that doesn't go against his believes and wouldn't hurt a fly, you wouldn't think that he can be pressured to do something. This friend of mine made friends with a popular crowd, these new friends of his were bunch of trouble makers. One day, they decided to pick on the over weight students. They told him that if he wants to be part of the crew he has to do as they say. They told him that he had to bully a fat boy and squeeze ketchup on him. He really didn't want to do it. But, then again he didn't want...