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Obesity is not just a matter of moral decision-making.

Our Society today stresses thinness upon all of us. Thin means power, attractiveness, money, and men. While society states that thin is in, reality states that more and more people in the United States are overweight and even obese. The facts show that sixty one percent of US adults are overweight and thirteen percent of US children are seriously overweight. Is obesity a matter of moral decision-making? It has been said and branded into our minds that obesity is cause by overeating and not exercising. Is this true? Is this the cause of obesity? Obesity is referred to as an unhealthy level of body fat. Is this unhealthy level of body fat caused by excess eating and non-existent exercise? Is it a matter of moral decision making. Well most Americans believe that the cause of obese individuals is due to eating too much and not exercising.

Although causes of obesity may be due to physical inactivity, which leads to lower energy expenditures, it is not the main cause.

Obesity is not just a matter of moral decision making. It is not an issue of should I eat this or should I exercise. There is much more involved in obesity than just these factors. Obesity does not just have one cause, but usually several other factors that effect it. There are factors such as genetics, heredity, energy levels, energy expended, diets, nutritional status, and exercise status.

Genetics plays a key role in obesity. Genetics helps determine the degree of obesity and distribution of body fat. The genes in your body determine whether your energy level is high or low and whether you will be obese or rather thin. Genetics tell us that men do not store as much fat as women do.