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After tobacco the second largest health disease which causing a death with a very high rate is yet increasing rapidly in the United States 127 million of the people including of every age out of which 6 million of the people were suffering from a minor obese and remaining from the major or severe obese.


According to the eyes of AOA (American Obesity Association), Suffering people from the obese were more than 55 percent were overweight and suffering from obese and in this case if multiple disease occurs then it is a very dangerous for the patients of obese, the disease which develops more severe to obese are gallbladder, heart disease, cancer of the breast, stroke, colon and prostrate and much more health risk are there which can lead a person to death. Not only one company, association or one federal community can handle and control this problem in a limited quantity but to limit it schools, families, offices, worksites, communities, providers of health care and especially media must work effectively, united and together with lots of spirit and honesty to decrease the rate and to prevent the patient from getting into this disease obesity.

This can be attained by a communication in which by motivating, authorizing, endowing, gifting, investing, actuating, prompting and taking decisions at higher to its peak to just improve health communities to decrease the health disorder, action; with physical activity which includes exercise and sporting and providing guidance for the best diet goal of a healthy society or community can be achieved or attained and by evaluation and the survey of research which includes to improve and to assure the best and positive understanding of the properly generally just to keeping the aim in mind which should be to stop and to...