Obesity in America

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Obesity in America has become an even bigger epidemic than any other catastrophe known to America. The growing rate of the crisis is a national threat to not only health, unemployment, and a long healthy life, but also an economic downfall. Among most children and youth of America, obesity affects their academics as well as mental health. Constant plowing of food leads to serious conditions such as diabetes, causing America to pay $21.7 billion dollars. The growth of obesity in diverse ethnicities is the most of concern. In Hispanic communities it's the highest it's ever been.

The cause of obesity is the constant consumption of food. Not working out and eating leads to the gain of weight. Americas need for more extracurricular activities must be addressed. The low activity level of many of our kids has contributed deeply. Computer games have replaced outdoor activities and sports for many of our children over the last 20 years.

The obesity rate for children has risen drastically over the last 20 years. In 2008, the obesity rate for children aged 6-11 hit a high of 19.6% and it is continuing to rise quickly. Many people work blue collar manual labor jobs since 1961 and today many more people work at jobs that require very little physical activity. Food has become much cheaper and easier to get over the last 50 years.

Compared to other races and ethnic groups in California, Latino males and females of all ages have among the highest rates of obesity, overweight, and one of the most severe consequences of obesity: type 2 diabetes. Nearly seven out of ten California Latino adults are overweight or obese. Because of the growth in childhood obesity, the risk for diabetes is becoming so great that...