Obesity in schools

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Has Obesity Taken Over?Mmm-hmm, a succulent, juicy cheese burger that melts in your mouth with crispy fries that are soft in the middle and a cool refreshing ice cold soda that will quench your thirst. Does that sound like a Wendy's or McDonald's commercial to you, well it is probably in you cafeteria as well. This is a classic meal around the world. Cafeterias have adopted this meal along with other well tasting but unhealthy foods. In my opinion "junk food" should be banned from all cafeterias. Junk food has created an up rise in obesity, malnourished children, and it has influenced the cafeterias in where it spends its money. The concept of the cafeteria is to supply food for the students and teachers, to benefit them, and their health. A student's health can contribute to their performance in school and everyday life. The cafeteria needs to embellish this performance by serving them healthy food and not junk.

Junk food is one of the main causes of malnutrition among today's youth. Malnutrition can lead to many different harmful prognoses example: diabetes, heart problems, asthma, high cholesterol, obesity etc… All of these conditions are issues of today. Most of us are well aware of these problems and we are doing many fund raisers for research to prevent and cure these diseases form happening or accruing. Malnutrition can lead to chronic fatigue, which in turn will lead to laziness, and the ending result will be massive weight gain, because of no physical activity to burn off the unwanted calories. We need to focus on what and how much food we consume that may be very harmful to our overall health.

Obesity is sweeping the nation and will continue until we change the attitudes of the people in the way we eat, how...