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"It is now nearly 2,500 years since the age of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Since that time we have created rocket ships, biotechnology, genetic engineering, lasers, radio astronomy, nonlinear math, chaos theory, satellites, super computers, talk-show television, and artificial intelligence. Most of this we would call progress, but what about progress in education?" (qtd. in Pelton 17). Those words where used by Mr. Pelton in an essay about new developments in regards to education. He believes that we, as a society now, have the tools to unlock a totally different way of educating; that way to revolutionize the process of learning is through the internet.

The Internet has for a couple of years now altered the way human beings go about life in society, but now we are on a brink. Ours is an age of vast amounts of information flowing around all over the world through phone lines and data cables from personal computers to awesome mainframes.

Not only should we praise the technological environment we are living in for how much smoother it has made many things, but we should also try to amplify this to better ourselfs and make society even more efficient than how it is now. I am of the opinion that we are on a threshold to expanding upon possibilities of the internet and changing the face of tomorrow. Ask yourself these questions. What advancements does the internet offers to us? What could come about from those improvements?

First, we should not forget exactly why the internet was developed. The internet was created to help scientists communicate, and this has lead to better improvements in our computer technology among others things. With a growing demand for the availability of information, International Business Machines Corporation has established a Web site devoted to giving the public...