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Kayla Clay

Mrs. Street-Caulder

English (090)


My observation is the perception of human behavior at my job. Boscov's entails me to deliver customer service to a diverse group of people that have different mindsets. The attitudes between customer, co-worker, and superior fluctuates daily. For example, I was extremely happy to be working with my co-worker and within the next hour I was filled with frustration because a customer was angry about not being able to get their money refunded back. As you see, everyday there is a new group of people with either personal or mental health issues. But it's all about how you address and have the team to overcome the diversity of human behavior.

As I leisurely walked into the reddish, brown postern door of my job, the different shades of blue, green, yellow, and purple filled the walls with the theme of Finding Nemo. As I strolled down the aisle, my skin became kissed by the multitude of lights. I could hear the shuffling of the hanger's being moved, while the clothing racks narrowed me into my register. An elderly women with tightly curled haired, pushed a small black cart filled with porcelain knickknacks at a steady pace. Foot after foot, finally reaching her destination she approaches me with a warm smile. As I nimbly scan each of her items, I notice that she was trying to get my attention with her broken English. I slowed down to hear what she had to say, but all I could understand was gibberish. The language barrier between her and I became intense and resulted in making my check out procedure unusually long and difficult. Therefore the middle aged Caucasian women, which waited impatiently behind her grew with anxiety and her face became flushed. The middle aged...