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For this assignment I decided to choose Charlie Rose talk show on WNET13. On Friday October 17, 2003 Charlie Rose invited chief conductor of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Simon Rettle who was promoting upcoming performance of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra at Carnegie Hall.

During the entire conversation viewers could witness how both sides actively participated in conversation. They were actively listening to each other what we could notice while they were asking clarifying questions. Charlie Rose was also asking his guest for more detailed explanations as well as he were encouraging Simon Rattle to elaborate on his comparisons and paraphrases. At one point Mr. Rattle was asked how dose he select music for his performances and what makes him choose some compositions more often then other. In respond Sir Rattle told him a short story how his teacher back in England gave him advice when he was rushing to more difficult and more elaborated works.

He said that sometimes it is important to wait and pieces will come themselves when they are ready for him and they will knock on his door. In respond Rose evaluated the massage asking what is knocking on Sir Rattle door right now and that was excellent example that he was listening very closely to his guest and did not rush to another question before he made sure that they get to the point with Mr. Rattle.

To show that he is closely listening to his guest Rose was using tag questions quite often as well as he was repeating Mr. Rattle words with intonation that was asking for confirmation. For example when Simon Rattle was explaining how he understand music and he repeated few times that music means joy to him. Rose picked up word "joy?" after his guest and made a pause to put...